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“The basis of HC Tallinn are the club’s values POSITIVITY, FRIENDSHIP, COURAGE, HONESTY AND WITNESS. HC Tallinn wants to raise from its members people who respect healthy lifestyles and are mentally and physically strong, who can cope well with their lives. Our values could also be found more among Estonians in everyday life. Then the relations would be better and people would be happier, ”said Risto Lepp, the club’s founder and CEO.


The ideal vision of the club is to raise children both on and off the ball field, who, encouraged by coaches, teachers and parents, always think with their heads – assessing the situation, making decisions and making decisions is equally important in ball and life. The more you do, the more you go wrong. The more you make mistakes and experience, the more you develop. The faster you make the right decisions, the more successful you are in life and in the game.