Revolutionary technology in the world of sleep – CrystalSleep pillows and mattress toppers to improve your sleep quality and well-being.

Nowadays, pillows and mattresses are expected to offer much more than comfort. The desire to find something that would offer more was the motivation to find / develop a product that would offer extra value in the form of stress relief.


We live in a time when an increasing number of people are seeking for more natural ingredients in all areas of life. So we found our answer in nature – crystals. Completely natural, reliable, effective and powerful. Crystals – powerhouses of nature’s infinite supply to help us raise our vibration levels.

Biocrystal® is the only scientifically verified component that, when added to pillows and mattresses, you can expect


Faster relaxation

Decrease in muscle tension

Increase in oxygen levels



When using products that contain a Biocrystal® component, you are

MORE PRODUCTIVE – more energy




53% of users had improved blood circulation


76% of users sleep better


87% of users recommend the product

Our Story

CrystalSleep’s story is simple. CrystalSleep wasn’t born with the ambition to save the world with its products – we cannot do that. But the desire to calm things down in the world, and perhaps even to organise a minor revolution, has been our guiding force. Our Vision


CrystalSleep’s team has had experience in the field of foams since 1996. For many years, we have partnered with major international companies in the production of memory foam pillows. At the same time, knowing the anatomy of pillow production inside out, we have always felt that too little has been done to improve the quality of people’s sleep. In our opinion, there is little or no innovation in the right direction. For example, a wide range of pillows filled with smart technology are entering the market. But we don’t share the belief that putting tech gadgets in pillows actually improves anyone’s sleep quality. It doesn’t bring peace and tranquillity to where it’s most needed. In our bedroom.