Birth story

The CrystalSleep story is simple. CrystalSleep was not born out of an ambition to save the world with its products – we just can’t do that. But the desire to make things calmer in the dream world and perhaps even an easier kind of revolution has been our guide. Our vision.


The CrystalSleep team has had experience in the field of foams since 1996. We have been a partner of large international companies in the production of smart foam pillows for many years. At the same time, knowing the anatomy of pillow production through, we have always had the feeling that too little has been done to improve the quality of people’s sleep. In our opinion, there is little or no innovation. For example, there are many different smart pillows on the market. However, we do not share the belief that putting technology gadgets in pillows actually improves someone’s sleep quality. It does not bring peace and tranquility to where it is most needed. In our bedroom.


When we formulated the goal that the pillow must be something that makes sleep more peaceful, we realized quite quickly that we have to turn to Mother Nature. It is from natural materials that it is possible to extract a calming effect. Next, the question had to be resolved, how to bring more nature and its calming effect to the pillows? When asked, it didn’t take long for the answer to stand before us – biocrystals.


We are by no means the first in the world to reach the use of biocrystals in pillows, but we dare say that in cooperation with our team and the best biocrystal partners, a new quality has been born in placing biocrystals in pillows. Combining this innovation with our long-term experience in pillow design, a new quality was born in the world of sleep – CrystalSleep.


And if you start with pillows, why limit yourself to them? We also biocrystallized mattress toppers for you to provide a complete soothing sleep experience. Peaceful sleep!